Conditions of rent

  1. If the tenant cannot take the holiday as planned, he must notify the landlord as soon as possible. He is, however, still responsible for the rent unless another tenant can be found for the rental period in question. If the planned rental period is not fully adhered to, the rent for the whole period is, nevertheless, still payable. Regarding earlier termination of the contract, the conditions of the Swiss code of Obligations are applicable.
  2. Complaints regarding the rental property should be made by the tenant at the time of taking possession; otherwise it will be assumed that the property, in accordance with the inventory, has been found in good condition, as agreed in the contract.
  3. The tenant undertakes to protect from damage the rooms rented to him, in accordance with the inventory, and to leave them accordingly at the end of the rental period, returning all keys etc. Damaged or unserviceable items must be replaced so that the landlord does not suffer any loss.
  4. The tenant further engages to undertake nothing which could be detrimental to the house or the contents; to report immediately to the landlord everything which is in any way damaged or appears to be defective, and not to sublet the rented property, either wholly or in part: i.e. the flat or chalet may only be occupied by the number of people listed overleaf.
  5. Any damage to the house or contents, caused by the tenants, must be refunded by the tenants. Nothing should be thrown into the toilets or drains which could possibly cause an obstruction.
    Where this contract contains no special conditions Articles 253 to 274 of the Swiss code of Obligations are applicable.
  6. In case of any dispute arising from the contract in question the location of the rented property counts as the place of jurisdiction.
    Swiss law is applicable.
  7. Per apartment you receive two keys. After ending of the contract you have to return the two keys to the concierge. Lost keys and consequent changing cost on the system have to be paid by the tenants.
  8. Dogs are not allowed.
  9. WiFi is free of use for tenants – Password is available on site. By using the WiFi you’re agreeing into the WiFi terms of use.